Seeking your feedback on the second set of JHPD draft policies  

November 30, 2023

Dear Johns Hopkins Community,   

I want to thank everyone who has remained actively engaged during the development of the Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD), including our partners on the JH Accountability Board, our campus communities, and those who live nearby.

For over two months, we have collected your input on the first tranche of draft JHPD policies. In response to community feedback, we have extended the public comment period for these draft policies for an additional 30 days, until Dec. 20.

Today I am pleased to share that the second set of draft policies is now posted on the public safety website for your review during the 60-day public comment period, which will conclude Jan. 29. These draft policies have also been shared with the JH Accountability Board for its input.

I strongly encourage you to share any questions or feedback you have through the draft policies page on our website. Our policy development team reviews and considers all submissions to ensure the final policies are well informed, continuously improved, and in line with our community’s needs. 

Even after the public comment periods close, we continue to encourage and welcome your feedback, as we review and update our policies on an ongoing basis.

In addition, I want to point you to the first of two Ask the Experts sessions, “University Policing, Policy, and Getting It Right,” which focuses on addressing community questions about progressive policing reforms and the first set of draft policies. This resource features a conversation with Dr. Robin Engel, a nationally known and respected criminologist with more than two decades of experience in policing research designed to reduce harm in communities and make police-community encounters safer. We hope you will find the content informative and helpful as you review the draft policies. 

Enjoy a healthy and safe holiday season.  

Dr. Branville G. Bard Jr.   
Vice President for Public Safety