New to Hopkins

Welcome to Johns Hopkins University, where exciting discoveries happen every day. Keeping it that way requires a commitment from everyone on campus–including you.

Keeping You Safe

Ask around, and you’ll find that members of our community feel safe on and around campus. That’s because we work around the clock and put programs and services in place to make sure they are safe.

Safety at Johns Hopkins University – A Shared Responsibility

Through campus patrolling, blue light phones, emergency notifications, and many other tools, our department works with the university community to encourage safe behavior and respond effectively to emergency situations.

We want you to feel safe on campus so you can focus on your studies, engage in leisure activities, or explore our wonderful home city of Baltimore.

Review Crime Prevention Tips

We urge you to read these guidelines to prevent being a victim of a crime or any threatening situation. They’re mostly easy-to-follow and common sense, but they make a big difference.

About Our City

Like any urban area, Baltimore has its share of challenges and risks that can be intimidating to outsiders. But if you know Johns Hopkins University and our city, you understand that our struggles don’t define us.

Learn about JHU’s exceptional security credentials, and review our common-sense safety guidelines. Soon enough, you’ll be eager to explore all the wonderful experiences that Baltimore and the surrounding areas have to offer, and we’re confident you will come to love your temporary home as much as we do.