Emergency Notifications

Several emergency notification systems are available to alert the Johns Hopkins community of any situation, natural or man-made, that might pose an imminent threat to safety.

RAVE Emergency Alert Text Message System

The RAVE Emergency Text Message System immediately broadcasts emergency information to subscribers. The system is available only to Johns Hopkins students, faculty, and staff. If there is a significant incident that presents imminent danger, a short text message will be sent to the cellphone of each subscriber.

Homewood Campus

Homewood Campus Safety Mailing List

Security Alerts are used by Campus Safety & Security to notify the campus community of certain crimes in a manner that is timely and will aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

Click below to subscribe to Homewood Campus Security Alerts, which are open to the public. The email address you provide must be the same as the one from which you originally requested a subscription to the mailing list. You will be automatically subscribed when the email is received. No additional text is necessary for the body of the email. Simply click the link and hit send.

Emergency Siren/Public Address System

A series of siren/public address devices is located the roofs of Garland Hall, Whitehead Hall, and the O’Connor Recreation Center. In the event of an imminent threat, these sirens will be activated for 60 seconds, followed by broadcast alerts providing important information.

Two siren tones are used on campus. A high-low siren is used only for emergency situations and testing. A second tone, an air horn, designates the all-clear after an event or test. The systems are tested three times per year. Tests will be announced well in advance through the News-Letter, Hub website, Today’s Announcements, and local community organizations.

Information will also be available on the university’s website. Current students, faculty, and staff will also receive email notifications with emergency communications.

Public Safety Advisories

In the event that a situation or form of criminal activity becomes an ongoing risk to our community, Campus Safety and Security will issue a Public Safety Advisory containing detailed information and prevention suggestions.

Emergency Alert Response

If you hear the siren or get a text alert at any time, stop what you are doing immediately and follow the instructions given. Be alert for follow-up information from both the siren and RAVE text alert systems, and wait until the all-clear signal is given.

Review our Emergency Response Guides for more information about what to do in emergency settings.