We care about your safety. Follow these tips to prevent an occurrence of theft at an ATM.

Facts about ATM Robberies

  • Approximately 50% of ATM robberies occur between 7 p.m. and midnight.
  • The majority of ATM robberies involve a single customer.
  • Robbers position themselves near an ATM, at a distance of approximately 50 ft.
  • Most robberies are committed by a lone robber who will use some type of weapon.
  • Robberies occur more often at walk-up ATMs than at drive-thru ATMs.

ATM User Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice anything suspicious, such as someone loitering nearby or a security light out, consider coming back later.
  • Only use ATMs in a well-lighted, open, high-traffic area.
  • If using an ATM at night, take someone with you.
  • If using an ATM in a vestibule area, be sure the door is securely closed and do not open for others.
  • If you withdraw cash, put it away promptly; don’t count your money in public.
  • Put your ATM card and receipt away promptly. Never leave your receipt at the ATM.
  • Keep your PIN secret. Don’t write it on your card.
  • Shield the keypad when entering your PIN to keep it from being observed.
  • Beware of offers for help from strangers during an ATM transaction.
  • Don’t argue or attempt to fight with a robber; give up your cash.
  • If robbed, when safe to do so, immediately call the police.