Emergency blue lights are installed around campus to get you an immediate police officer response if you are in an emergency or feel concerned for your personal safety.

Security Blue Light System
Emergency blue light phones around the Homewood campus.

How Blue Lights Work

A press of the button sounds an alarm, activates a flashing blue light, identifies your location, and links you directly to our communication center. Blue light locations are listed below. In areas with brick pathways, look for the light poles with blue globes on top.

Blue Light Location Map

There are 117 campus emergency blue light telephones conspicuously located on or adjacent to campus. We encourage you to become familiar with the locations.

Blue Light locations map

Blue Light Location List

  • Clark Hall, rear, near steps to Early Learning Center
  • Garland Hall, north
  • Levering Hall, east
  • Olin Hall, front entrance
  • Olin Hall, rear door
  • Chemistry Building, east entrance
  • Behind Chemistry Building, path to Bloomberg Center
  • Path between Dunning & Remsen halls
  • Path between MSE Library & Remsen Hall
  • Krieger Hall, east breezeway
  • Shriver Hall, rear
  • Croft Hall, north entrance
  • Maryland Hall, Wyman Quad, northwest corner
  • Charles Street, south path to Mattin Center
  • Merrick Barn, north side
  • Mattin Center, Offit Building/west breezeway
  • Mattin Center, Jones Building/east breezeway
  • Homewood House, parking lot
  • AMR II Building, west side
  • AMR I Building, front
  • O’Connor Rec. Center, south of entrance
  • White Athletic Center, west entrance
  • ROTC Building, northwest side
  • Bloomberg Center, West Gate path
  • Bloomberg Center, southwest path
  • Carnegie Institution, entrance, on the wall
  • Homewood Field, parking lot west of entrance
  • Bunting Interfaith Center, on University Parkway
  • Bunting Interfaith Center, Charles Street entrance
  • Southwest corner of Charles Street & University Parkway
  • Charles Commons loading dock, on the wall
  • Charles & 33rd streets, northwest corner
  • Barnes & Noble book store, 3300 St. Paul St.
  • Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union, East 33rd St.
  • 3300 Lovegrove Alley, on the wall
  • Charles Street Market, 3400 Charles St., front entrance
  • Bradford Apts., front
  • 3505 Charles St., front
  • 3505 Charles St. rear of carriage house
  • 3505 Charles St., rear alley
  • 3506 Greenway, front
  • Steinwald Alumni House, 3211 Charles St.
  • Smokler Center, 3109 Charles St.
  • Homewood Apts., 3000 Charles St.
  • Homewood Apts. ATM
  • Education Building, 28th St. parking lot entrance
  • Education Building, 28th St. parking lot (center)
  • Education Building, Charles Street entrance
  • Dell House, 29th Street & Charles Street
  • 28th Street & Charles Street
  • Art Museum Drive & Charles Street
  • Wyman Park Building, front entrance
  • Wyman Park Building, rear driveway, north parking lot
  • San Martin Garage, multiple lights inside
  • San Martin Garage, elevator to bridge
  • San Martin Drive, crosswalk
  • San Martin Center, northeast entrance
  • San Martin Center, bridge, east/south
  • San Martin Center, bridge, middle
  • San Martin Center, bridge, west/south
  • San Martin Garage, rear entrance
  • San Martin foot bridge, west of San Martin Drive
  • Homewood Early Learning Center
  • East Path to Early Learning Center
  • South Garage, multiple lights inside
  • Mason Hall, circular drive
  • Hackerman Hall, front of west breezeway
  • West Garage, multiple lights inside
  • East Gate entrance, south side
  • North Gate entrance
  • Decker Quad, southwest corner
  • Chiller Plant, south side path