Interim Study Report

Interim Study on Approaches to Improving Public Safety on and around Johns Hopkins University Campuses

Report to the Maryland General Assembly on HB 1803
(from the 2018 Legislative Session)

December 21, 2018

This report contains the results of the interim study that Johns Hopkins undertook in response to the Maryland House Judiciary Committee’s request to explore approaches to improving public safety on and around our university campuses.  We were specifically asked to seek input from stakeholders, conduct research on public safety operations in academic settings, and identify the characteristics of a best-in-class security structure for a university and its immediate surroundings.  The report demonstrates our efforts to follow up on these requests.

Appendices to Interim Study Report

Appendix A
Letter from Committee Chair (April 17, 2018)

Appendix B
Johns Hopkins Security Crime Data

Appendix C1
Crime Report: East Baltimore Campus Area

Appendix C2
Crime Report: Homewood Campus Area

Appendix C3
Crime Report: Peabody Campus Area

Appendix D1
Community Email about Security: Johns Hopkins Security Response after Charles Village Robberies

Appendix D2
Community Email about Security: Homewood Campus Safety and Security Update

Appendix E
Johns Hopkins’ Commitment to Baltimore

Appendix F
Johns Hopkins’ Key Investments in Baltimore

Appendix G
Safety & Security Models at Peer Institutions

Appendix H
Academic Works Consulted

Appendix I
Organizations Consulted

Appendix J
Baltimore Sun- Hopkins President Sets Out to Garner Community Support for a University Police Force

Appendix K
Community Engagement List

Appendix L
Message to Community (Oct. 15, 2018)

Appendix M
Community Events Flyer

Appendix N
Discussion Series Bios

Appendix O
Johns Hopkins Gallup Survey

Appendix P1
Issue Paper: JHPD Recruiting, Hiring and Training

Appendix P2
Issue Paper: JHPD Police-Citizen Contacts

Appendix P3
Issue Paper: Use of Arrest and Alternatives to Arrest

Appendix P4
Issue Paper: De-escalation and Use of Force

Appendix P5
Issue Paper: JHPD Complaint and Disciplinary Process