Membership Information

The membership of the Accountability Board will reflect Johns Hopkins’ dedication to fostering and uplifting diverse people, ideas, and experiences.  This includes diversity not only in affiliation with the university’s schools, campuses, and communities, but also in race, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age, and ability.  Accountability Board members will be expected to share a respect for diversity and a commitment to working across differences to ensure the ultimate success and effectiveness of the JHPD. 

The Accountability Board will be composed of: 

  • 5 community members unaffiliated with the University, including at least 1 community representative from each of the three areas where the JHPD may patrol;[i] 
  • 10 Johns Hopkins University students, faculty, and staff, including at least one member of the JHU Black Faculty and Staff Association 

[i] Md. Code Ann., Education § 24-1205(c)(2).