Accountability Board Members


This Fall, the university’s new vice president for public safety, Dr. Branville Bard embarked on a listening tour to meet and engage with members of the Johns Hopkins community and gather feedback on the institution’s vision for public safety. As part of this effort, Dr. Branville Bard, reconvened the Johns Hopkins University Police Accountability Board in December 2021 because he plans to look to the accountability board as a pathbreaking vehicle for those with different perspectives to advise him—even as Hopkins respects the two-year pause in the development of the JHPD. 

In addition to re-starting the accountability board, additional members were needed due to current and anticipated vacancies. This fall, we held an application cycle to fill five (5) vacant seats: one (1) Hopkins faculty member, two (2) Hopkins staff members, and two (2) Hopkins students. These new members were recently selected by a Nominating Committee comprised of Baltimore community members and university staff, students, and faculty. The 5 nominees are marked with an asterisk below pending confirmation by the Maryland General Assembly (2022). A community member was also recently appointed by the Baltimore City Council President.  

February 28, 2020: Maryland senators voted to approve the nominations of 13 community members, students, faculty, and staff to the inaugural Johns Hopkins University Police Accountability Board, which will help directly shape the development and operation of the future Johns Hopkins Police Department. Two additional nominees were selected by the Mayor of Baltimore and the Baltimore City Council President.

Accountability Board Members

Community members

  • Sonja Merchant Jones, Homewood
  • Edward Kangethe, East Baltimore
  • Noah Patton, Peabody
  • Cynthia Gross, Mayoral Appointee
  • Doris Minor Terrell, City Council President Appointee


  • Lorraine T. Dean, ScD, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Katie O’Conor, MD, Fellow, Emergency Medicine-Anesthesiology Program, School of Medicine *
  • P. Logan Weygandt, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine


  • Terri Massie-Burrell, PhD, Director of Student Disability Services, Johns Hopkins University, Homewood campus *
  • Thomas C. Judge, Executive Assistant, Department of Epidemiology, Bloomberg School of Public Health *
  • Regina Gail Malloy, Executive Assistant to the President, Johns Hopkins Hospital


  • Elise Favia, Graduate student, Education, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals program *
  • Pritika Parmar, Undergraduate, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences **
  • Kwame Amancio Romero-Sackey, Graduate student, School of Medicine **
  • Michael Wilkinson, PhD student, Department of Mechanical Engineering *

* Pending approval by the Maryland General Assembly

** Term ends May 31, 2022