Johns Hopkins Public Safety is responsible for the oversight of security operations and investigations on the campuses of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

When fully implemented, the JHPD will be narrow in scope – no more than 100 personnel – and only one element of our overall public safety approach, which includes root cause preventioninnovative responses to behavioral health crises, and investments in community safety partnerships


Summer 2022  

  • June 12 – Two-year pause ends  

Fall 2022 

August 2022 

  • August 23 – Announcement of dates and locations of three public town halls to present the draft MOU and obtain community feedback/questions.

September 2022 

October 2022 

  • October 18 – The public comment period ends.
  • October 19 – Baltimore City Council 30-day review/comment period on proposed MOU.

November 2022 

  • November 17 – City Council comment period concludes.

November / December 2022 

  • December 2 – MOU is finalized, posted on website.  

Spring / Summer 2023

April 2023

  • April 27 – Virtual Forum: JHPD Policy Development and Feedback Process

June 2023

  • June 30 – JH Accountability Board new member orientation

Fall 2023

September 2023

  • September 21– First tranche of draft policies posted online

November 2023

  • November 28– Virtual Forum- Ask the Experts: University Policing, Policy, and Getting it Right
  • November 29 – The first tranche of draft polies review extended to for 30 days
  • November 30– The second tranche of draft policies posted online

December 2023

  • December 19- Virtual Forum- Ask the Experts: Discussion of community questions and feedback on the second batch of JHPD draft policies.
  • December 20– Public comment period for first tranche of draft policies closes (due to 30-day extension)

Winter 2024

  • January 29– Public comment period for second tranche of draft policies closes.

Spring 2024

  • JHPD officer recruitment and training
  • Final policies and feedback report posted on the webpage

Summer 2024

  • JHPD officer recruitment and training

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