Following the conclusion of the two-year pause in June of 2022, the University began the gradual and thoughtful process to build a small, community-oriented university police department at Johns Hopkins.

When fully implemented, the JHPD will be narrow in scope – no more than 100 personnel – and only one element of our overall public safety approach, which includes root cause prevention, innovative responses to behavioral health crises, and investments in community safety partnerships

One of the first steps in that sequence is the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Baltimore Police Department. Such agreements are the usual way that university police departments and city police departments put on paper their agreement and understandings around how they will work together to protect the area. In September, we plan to share the draft MOU with the Accountability Board and our broader community, including our neighbors, for feedback. That will then launch our extensive MOU community engagement process, which will include:

  • A 30-day public comment period after which the City Council will have 30 days to review the draft MOU and provide written feedback; 
  • Three public town halls, which will be opportunities for our community of students, faculty, staff, and neighbors to learn more about the MOU; and 
  • A series of individual and individual and small group meetings with V.P. Bard to discuss the MOU and the JHPD implementation timeline. 

To learn more, we encourage members of our community to read V.P. Bard’s message to the community on the progress of Johns Hopkins Public Safety and to participate in these meetings and events and share feedback on our website. 


Summer 2022  

  • Two-year pause ends  

Fall 2022 

  • Johns Hopkins posts draft MOU on website for 30-day public review, including public forums held to discuss proposed MOU
    • September 22, 6 p.m.: Town Hall – Homewood/Peabody Campus, Shriver Hall (Livestream)  
    • September 29, 7 p.m.: Town Hall – East Baltimore Campus, Turner Auditorium (Livestream)  
    • September 30, 1 p.m.: Town Hall – Virtual Events Page
  • 30-day City Council review and comment period
  • MOU is finalized and posted online  

Spring / Fall 2023 

  • JHPD officer recruitment and training 

Tentative Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 

  • JHPD officers are deployed on Homewood, Peabody and East Baltimore Campuses  

More information about the JHPD