JHPD Jurisdiction Boundaries

Johns Hopkins is currently planning to implement the JHPD only within our Homewood, Peabody, and East Baltimore campus area boundaries. 

Per the Community Safety and Strengthening Act, “campus area” is defined as property that is:  

  1. Owned, leased, operated by or under the control of the University;  
  2. Located within specific boundaries (listed in the Act) on the HomewoodEast Baltimore and Peabody campuses; and  
  3. Used for educational or institutional purposes.  

Campus area includes public property immediately adjacent to the campus, including: (i) a sidewalk, a street, or any other thoroughfare; and (ii) a parking facility. This can be seen in the maps provided below.

Any expansion of those boundaries into neighboring communities will first require a new executed MOU with BPD and majority community support.

Please see below for the maps of the JHPD’s jurisdictional boundaries on each of our three campuses.