Application and Appointment Process

Applications are now closed.

The state law authorizing the JHPD specifies that Baltimore’s mayor and City Council president each appoint one community member to the Accountability Board; JHU leadership nominates the remaining 13 members, in consultation with the Baltimore City Council where appropriate, subject to confirmation by the Maryland State Senate.[i] 

University leaders are seeking applicants to join the Johns Hopkins University Police Accountability Board (JH Accountability Board), which is charged with helping to shape the development and operation of the Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD). The Board will play a pivotal role in the coming year in advising the university as it develops the policies and procedures needed for the anticipated launch of the JHPD in 2023. This cycle, there will be 11 open seats on the Board; one will be filled by appointment from the Mayor of Baltimore City; the other 10 will be selected by the University following the recommendations of the Nominating committee. Those 10 seats include: 3 community members, 2 faculty, 1 staff, and 4 students. 

The deadline to apply is Nov. 7. Applications can be completed online at here.

Non-student members must be willing to serve for two years, and student members must be willing to serve for one year.  Student members must be enrolled at the university during the duration of their term. 

Key Steps in the Appointment Process 

  • October 12, 2022  – Application period opens, and applications are posted online and shared with community of neighbors, students, faculty, and staff; 
  • November 7, 2022  – Deadline to apply for the Board; Nominating committee  begins review and evaluates applications; 
  • December 2022 – New Board members are nominated by University leadership and announced; 
  • January 2023  – University leadership sends list of University-nominated Accountability Board members to the Maryland State Senate for consideration and confirmation; 
  • 2023 Legislative Session  – Maryland State Senate confirmation hearings. 

Once all members are appointed and confirmed, the Accountability Board will begin meeting Summer 2023. 

[i] Md. Code Ann., Education § 24-1205(c)(3)-(4).