Johns Hopkins Police Department

Johns Hopkins is reinventing public safety by investing in and implementing modern, progressive policing policies to support safe and secure environments built on trust and partnership with students, staff, and neighbors.

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Status and Updates

You can help Johns Hopkins build an inclusive, accountable, and transparent Police Department built for 21st Century policing. Click here to stay informed and get involved.

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JHPD Draft Policies

The JHPD is a community-oriented, progressive police department with plans to implement policies based on national best practices and 21st century policing principles. Review the draft JHPD policies open to community feedback.

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

As with other university police departments in Baltimore and Maryland, the Community and Safety Strengthening Act requires Johns Hopkins to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) to detail key operational policies of the Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD).

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JHPD Jurisdiction Boundaries

Review maps of the JHPD’s jurisdictional boundaries on each of our three campuses.

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JH Accountability Board

The Johns Hopkins University Police Accountability Board (JH Accountability Board), unique both in Maryland and throughout the country, empowers community members from JHU and the surrounding neighborhoods to help directly shape the development and operation of the future Johns Hopkins Police Department (JHPD).

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Legislative Archive

The Community Safety and Strengthening Act was passed on April 1, 2019 and signed on April 18, 2019. Review helpful resources and background information related to the legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review commonly asked questions about the Johns Hopkins Police Department.