Community Investments

Johns Hopkins is Maryland’s largest employer, a major purchaser of goods and services, a sponsor of construction projects and a magnet for students and visitors. The institution is deeply invested in programs that aim to improve the quality of life for our fellow Baltimore residents.

Johns Hopkins has a long history of supporting community programs that aim to enhance public safety and public health in Baltimore. 

Baltimore Child Development-Community Policing 

The CD-CP program is a partnership among the Baltimore City Police Department, the Johns Hopkins Hospital Division of Child Psychiatry Community Programs and Baltimore communities, for the purposes of helping youth impacted by violence.   

Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence 

The center is one of six Centers of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It works to implement evidence-based approaches to preventing youth violence in high-risk neighborhoods.  

Henderson Hopkins Elementary School 

Johns Hopkins has invested $20 million to build and operate the first new K-8 public school in East Baltimore in more than 20 years.  

Baltimore Scholars Program  

Johns Hopkins has provided more than $37 million in financial aid to Baltimore high school students to cover the full costs of attending the university.